Everyone wants to be cool and that is why most people smoke. Due to the influence of pop culture, smoking became cool in people’s perception. By just seeing “Mr. Pink” and “Mr. White” (Reservoir Dogs) having a cigarette made some people want to smoke.

You can really look so cool and badass with a cigarette, but hello?

Smoking is a very dangerous risk to take.

  • Not just for the smoker’s health alone, but for everyone and everything else. That includes the environment and even the lifeless.
  • Too much smoking can pollute the respiratory system which can lead to fatal diseases like bronchitis and lung cancer.
  • Excessive smoking may also lead to cardiovascular diseases. It slows down the blood circulation by narrowing the blood vessels. Smokers are also prone to coronary heart disease.
  • This bad habit can also lead to a lot of oral problems. It can damage the teeth and gums which can cause bad breath and yellowish teeth.
  • The worse part, smoking have no age preference and it sucks out not only your pockets but as well as the youthful glow in you.
  • Smoking can also cause decrease of sperm count and infertility for men.

Just imagine how smoking can contribute to pollution and in bringing the worst health problems ever.

Just imagine yourself not being able to enjoy life like you have always wanted, to smile or laugh like no one is watching, and having a boring love life and getting with no kisses at all.

Up, up and still puffing away….

Hear ye, hear ye!

Now here is some really good news for someone who cannot say “goodbye” or “no” to cigarettes. Due to smoking’s damaging effects to one’s health, vaping devices are created and some of which are designed to look like a real cigarette.

However, unlike the real thing, these devices do not contain tobacco. Instead they contain liquidized nicotine which is heated up in the vaporization chamber to produce smoke. Even much better, the liquid are available in many flavors and some have even zero nicotine content. They also do not need a lighter or a match to function because they have their own heating mechanism which is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Take note, the device is rechargeable, so you can use it again and again just like any wireless gadget. But on another note, observing precautionary measures is advised, for common sense sake!

For chain smokers, nicotine levels are not an issue with these devices because the liquid can contain the same amount as what regular cigarettes have, sometimes even more. (Say what?)

Puffing away to good health, finally…

Those who want to quit the addictive habit turn to using a vaping device instead. Using one is like real smoking, there is the process of moving the device from hand to mouth and you can still satisfy your nicotine craving.

But this time, the hazardous substances are no longer present, which make vaping devices a healthier option. Research shows that unlike a regular cigarette, the liquid used in these devices have smaller amounts of nitrosamines, ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol. These chemicals may cause cancer and other illnesses.

People who strive to cut the habit of smoking, or nicotine intake, will really benefit from these devices because it is possible to adjust the nicotine levels or strengths, decrease it to a level where they can control their addiction.

All right then, no one is killing himself softly!

Puffing away with courtesy…

The use of vaping devices is legal or quite acceptable in public places for a number of good reasons. But the issue here is that the device is new, some even look like a real cigarette. In some places, using a vaping device can be alarming and people who do not have a single idea of what a vaping device is may react violently, or feel irritated at some point.

Just last year, there have been a reported terror scare in the UK which involved a vaping device. A bus passenger was about to use a vaping device and caused panic as other passengers saw him pour liquid into a somewhat weird-looking device. The device started to emit smoke so cops were called and it was not until after an investigation was conducted when they recognized that the material evidence as a vaping device and not a bomb trigger.

So to avoid incidents like this, someone who uses a vaping device should show some manners and observe proper etiquette. Other people will appreciate it if you ask permission first and tell them that the device is nothing but an object to cure your cigarette cravings. If the liquid you are using contains nicotine, it will also be great to mention that to avoid giving a false impression.

Or if you prefer some peace and quiet, just find a place where the regular smoking act is allowed.